From the Principal

It is traditional at this time of the year to reflect on the lessons learned from the year gone and our hopes for the future. This year it seems to be about wishing for a very different 2021; however, I also reflect upon the most inspiring achievements and burgeoning relationships amongst communities and individuals during 2020. They fill me with a sense of optimism and joy at a future led by our younger generation.

Despite the unimaginable tragedies of 2020, we have witnessed our students learning in different ways, learning together as part of an online community, supporting each other and growing a sense of empathy for those who are unable to access what we can. We have also seen an increasing awareness of world issues and ironically the growing ‘village’ nature of our world in the current circumstances.

Our students have delighted with their extraordinary achievements at HSC level, inspired us with their resilience and capacity for creative thinking and production, and embedded within us a sense of great pride of their growing altruism, kindness and appreciation for what they have been given, figuratively and literally.

I would like to thank, with the most open heart, our community and our students, for all they have given us this year and perhaps, best of all, a great sense of hope for our future.

Take care and be safe.

Ms Kerrie Jones



11th Dec 2020