From the Principal

I feel quite daunted by essentially relaunching our Engadine High School newsletter. Like many activities and practices, our life as a school has changed and will continue to change, precipitated by the obvious impacts of a pandemic. We are swamped every minute by the clichés of ‘the new normal’, but I believe EHS’s new normal is anything but normal.

As a school community, we must take these extremely difficult circumstances and evolve to become even more inclusive, empathic, ambitious, informed, questioning, skills-based, pragmatic, adaptable and resilient.

However, what we need most is to learn from the past on a global level and on the more micro level, from ‘staying at home’.

I feel proud of our national response to the pandemic. Our compliance and cooperation, whilst in the past as Australians may not have been a priority as we embraced our ‘larrikin’ label, has shown we are pragmatic; this has literally saved lives.

The pandemic is not over, and I must acknowledge my staff who have excelled beyond all of my expectations in being committed, agile, extraordinarily diligent and always prioritising students’ wellbeing, health and education. I support a slow approach to removing restrictions and, in our school playground, will always ask our students to be a bit apart and practise safe hygiene as staff who are vulnerable opt to come to school and work with our students.

The extraordinary disruption to our model of teaching and learning by COVID 19 has led to the most extraordinary innovation. The foundation of all of our Professional Learning from this point forward will focus on evaluating how we created, evolved and learned from our online learning model.

I am truly excited by how our school is currently learning, positively contributing to the lives of others and developing a genuine empathy and participation in social discourse, which will hopefully lead to social change within our generation. Finally, Black Lives Do Matter.

Ms Kerrie Jones


Below is a montage of photos from EHS students back to school:


05th Jun 2020