Enrolment Policy

Engadine High School

To enrol in our school for Year 7 2020, you will need to complete "Expression of Interest for Placement in Year 7 at a NSW Government Secondary School" form . This is distributed to your child by their primary school. If you are not local to EHS, you will also need to be complete with our "Out of Area" application form and send to Engadine High School.


This school’s local area is determined by the Department of School Education and Communities (DEC). In accordance with the Education Reform Act 1990 this school will seek to ensure that every eligible local child will have a place at Engadine High School if he or she chooses to enrol here. In an endeavour to create an optimum learning environment, Engadine High School has determined the following enrolment policy to ensure a learning environment which maximises learning opportunities for all students.

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Verification of Local Residency

For a student to be enrolled as a local placement, parents will be asked to provide 100 points as per the General Guidelines which includes proof of residency that they live in the local area and that the child being enrolled also lives in the local area.

General Guidelines

  • All documents MUST be in the name of the enrolling parent/carer

  • At least ONE Category A document is required

  • A copy of the original documents is accepted

  • All documents must be current (dated within the last 3 months)

  • Personal references are not considered





50 points

  • Electricity bill
  • Gas bill
  • Water rates
  • Telephone (not mobile)
  • Land rates
  • Proof of purchase of residential property
  • Current lease – (must be 12 month lease)
  • Centrelink
  • Electoral Roll


30 points

  • Drivers licence
  • Motor Vehicle/Marine Vessel/Trailer documents (Registration/Insurance)
  • Bank account
  • Mobile phone account
  • Union membership
  • Superannuation documents
  • Life Insurance documents
  • Medical accounts


10 points

  • Post office – mail  redirection
  • Retail purchase
  • Statutory declaration


  1. The school recognises and follows the procedures outlined in Enrolment of Students in Government Schools: A Summary and Consolidation of Policy (August 1997).

  2. A student is considered to be enrolled when he or she is placed in the admission register of the school.

  3. A student is considered to have ceased his or her enrolment when either the school is notified in writing of this by the parent/care-giver or when, after a significant period of non-attendance, no response is received to enquiries concerning attendance/enrolment.

  4. A student will only be enrolled from another state school if he/she has a Student Transfer Certificate. Students continue to be enrolled until issued with a Student Transfer Certificate to another state school, or until enrolling in a non-government school, or until notification is given by care-givers of the cessation of the enrolment due to the student having reached an age where school attendance is no longer compulsory.

  5. The school recognises the importance of its position within the local community and the ease of transport when attending a local high school. For these reasons, the school supports the local enrolment of students.

  6. The school rejects any discrimination in enrolment on any grounds; including age, race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality or physical disability (provided that the school has sufficient support services to deal effectively with the particular disability).

  7. The school does not believe that it is generally advisable for new enrolments to be accepted in Term IV of any year.

  8. Students wishing to enrol at the school in the following year, will be required to complete an “Application to Enrol in a NSW Government school” form.  It must be noted that until a completed application to enrol form has been accepted by the school, a child’s enrolment at Engadine High School has not been finalised. If accepted, an official confirmation of enrolment will be sent to parents.


The school receives a large number of applications from non-local students, particularly for placement into Year 7. All non-local applicants will be considered for enrolment by an Enrolment Panel (for placement in Year 7 at the beginning of the following year), or its nominee (usually the Principal for other applications. The school will accept non-local enrolments based on the following criteria (in no particular order). No single criterion will guarantee automatic placement.

Applications for placement into Year 7 of the following year. The criteria is as follows:

  • Academic performance/achievements as demonstrated through the application
  • Performing Arts (for example, band, dance, vocal, drama)
  • Leadership (Including sociial justice, SRC, and other civics and citizenship achievements)
  • Sporting achievements
  • Siblings currently attending Engadine High School
  • Compassionate or family circumstances


  • There are sufficient vacancies within the school’s establishment limits to accommodate the student while still allowing for possible local enrolments.
  • The student has a satisfactory record of attendance, behaviour and progress at the previous school/s of enrolment.
  • The student should be able to travel to and from the school in a way that is considered to be reasonable and will not impact on their social and/or academic progress.
  • Students should be able to obtain appropriate subjects to allow continuity of study. Suitable subjects are available to allow a relevant continuity of study.
  • The student has no history of violence or drug-abuse at the previous school, unless it can be demonstrated that appropriate skills have been learnt to manage these behaviours.
  • Students must show an appropriateness of age for the school cohort.
  • The school is able to offer adequate human and physical resources to meet the needs of the enrolling student. This will depend heavily upon the student’s educational needs and the availability of support services. In some circumstances, the level of support required will make it necessary for the Principal to direct students to an alternative enrolment.


Where demand for non-local places into Year 7 for the following year exceeds availability, a Placement Panel shall be formed by the Principal. It will consist of the Principal, one parent representative from the EHS P&C, and a staff representative. The committee will be chaired by the Principal. At other times in the year the Principal or nominee shall decide on the enrolment of non-local students.


A waiting list will be established for non-local students seeking placement in Year 7. Parents will be advised in writing if their child is to be placed on a waiting list. Waiting lists are current for one year only. Students on waiting lists must be in full attendance at another school. The Principal will reconvene the placement panel in the event of an additional non-local enrolment. The list may be re-prioritised if the panel believes the additional enrolment more suitably fits the school criteria than applicants placed lower on the list.


Where a parent wishes to appeal against the decision of the Principal/Placement Panel, the appeal should be made in writing to the Principal. The school recognises that if the situation is not resolved at the local level, parents have a right of appeal to the School Education Director to make a determination. Such appeals would be successful only if the school has failed to follow its stated criteria, or has failed to observe any directions given in Enrolment of Students in Government Schools: A Summary and Consolidation of Policy (August 1997).


Students from non-government schools, interstate or from New Zealand, will be enrolled at this school consistent with its policy. The Deputy Principal, in consultation with the school counsellor and other relevant specialist teachers, will determine the appropriate year and level of study for the enrolling student.


Students are generally enrolled in the school on a full-time basis. In exceptional circumstances, however, part-time enrolments may occur. These circumstances might include:

  • Students in Years 11 and 12 who choose the HSC Pathway Option to accumulate units towards their HSC over several years
  • Students who undertake some of their studies external to the school
  • Students with medical conditions enrolling in distance education


Care-givers/Parents are required to attend an interview at the school prior to any enrolment being considered (Year 7 the following year being excepted). At this interview, it may be necessary for parents to produce previous school reports and other related documents. Should a student be accepted into the school, information will be required concerning student details. Parents will be required to complete an “Application to Enrol in a NSW Government School”. It must be noted that until a completed application to enroll has been accepted by the school, a child’s enrolment at Engadine High School has not been finalised. If accepted, an official confirmation of enrolment will be sent to parents.

Enrolment of Students with Special Needs

Enrolment of students with special learning needs will be undertaken in collaboration with parents, carers, school and DEC personnel to consider the full range of options available to meet the student’s learning needs and to take into consideration of any risk management concerns.

Enrolment of students with disabilities will be considered after input from parents, school staff district appropriate DEC staff and other professionals, in line with the policy, “Enrolment of Children with Disabilities” (Memorandum 88/107) 

Enrolment of Non-Australian Citizens

Non Australian students must hold a visa, and may be enrolled under conditions set out in the booklet  “Conditions for Enrolment of Non Australian Citizens in NSW Government Schools.” Temporary residents may be enrolled for the period specified on the visa.  International students studying in NSW may enrol their school aged dependents.  Students on a Visitors Visa may enrol for a maximum of three months, but must arrange their enrolment through the International Students Centre (Ph:  02  9561 8209 or Fax: 02 9561 8613). DEC approved Student Exchange organisations  eg. Rotary Youth Exchange may also apply for enrolment as an exchange student.

Enrolment in Distance Education

Distance Education can be provided for students whose special circumstances prevent them from attending school on a regular basis.  Single subject programs are provided for students in subjects not offered at the school.  Strict special conditions apply to these enrolments. Refer “Distance Education:  Categories and Procedural Guidelines for Enrolment.”

Short Term and Part Time Attendance

For a variety of reasons a student may be enrolled for a short time at school.  The student will remain enrolled at the home school and the host school will send a record of attendance to the home school at the end of the stay or at the end of each term. When a student is attending a specialised program at another school, such as classes for behaviour or emotional disorder or a hospital school, he/she will remain enrolled at the home school.


The school’s Register of Enrolment will be centrally maintained.