Enrolment Policy

Engadine High School

Our Enrolment Policy is under review in line with Department Policy

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Enrolment at Engadine High School

The school’s local area is determined by the Department of Education (DoE). In accordance with the Education Reform Act 1990, our school will seek to ensure that every eligible local child will have a place at Engadine High School, if he or she chooses to enrol here.

Local Area Enrolments - Verification of Residency

For a student to be enrolled as a local placement, parents/carers will be asked to provide 100 points of evidence as per the link below.

Criteria for Non-Local Applicants

Under Review

Procedures for Enrolment in Support Unit

For parents seeking placement for their child in the Support Unit, the parent/carer will need to complete both an EOI and an Access Request which is processed through the local panel procedures. For further information please contact District Office on 02 9531 3934.

Further Information

Should you have any further enquiries, please contact Engadine High School Office on 02 9520 0411