EHS Time Capsule – Accepting and Understanding Difference

The final chapter of the year long Engadine High School (EHS) 2000 “Accepting and Understanding Difference” Anti-Racism Project came to an end on Monday 30th November 2020 with the opening of the Time Capsule. An official ceremony took place in the Library with the Student Representative Council, Prefect Body, Senior Executive and interested students and staff. 

The School Captains, Lara Proctor and Matthew Wheatley, were excited to reveal the contents which included fascinating relics such as newspapers, photographs, reports, and teaching resources reflecting the theme of Anti-Racism. A highlight was the discovery of Department of Education and Training Multicultural Calendar 2001 with an artwork designed by Kimberley Petrie, a past student of EHS, featured on the cover page. This impressive artwork displayed in the canteen continues to remind the school community of the ongoing importance of striving for racial harmony. 

The opening of this time capsule has allowed us as a school community to reflect on how far we have come in terms of acceptance and understanding difference. The SRC are very excited to expand on this project in 2021. 

Elizabeth Annan (ARCO/SRC Coordinator) and Tracey Miller (Teacher Librarian/SRC Coordinator)



11th Dec 2020