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In our global technological climate, the safety of our children when online is a major concern. Below are some useful resources to support the wellbeing and e-safety of young people.


Unfortunately, there are times when illegal or offensive material may be posted online which has the potential to be damaging to the wellbeing of young people. In these circumstances, we recommend parents and students to use the Office of the Children’s e-Safety Commissioner website (https://www.esafety.gov.au) to report the illegal or offensive material, and request the material be removed. The website also has a range of useful e-safety resources.


The #IAmAWitness campaign is a global initiative to combat cyberbullying where everyone can acknowledge they are a witness by posting the new Apple eye emoji. When you see bullying online you can post the emoji in the conversation to show that there are witness and the bullying will not be tolerated. It is about utilising the strength of the silent majority of people who witness cyberbullying, to show actions have the potential to overpower cruel words. The emoji has been included in the latest software update from Apple and can be found in the emoji keyboard.

Click on the video for more information about the #IAmAWitness campaign:





This is a personal safety app for children (aged from 8 years). In stressful situations, where only one action can be taken, THREAD provides an immediate connection between: a user’s location, trusted contacts and emergency services. THREAD is available from the itunes store.

More resources

Sexts, Texts and Selfies by Susan McLean

Book Details

ISBN: 9780670077885
ISBN-10: 0670077887
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia
Publish Date: 28-May-2014
Country of Publication: Australia

Cyber bullying, sexting, gaming addiction, online predators - these terms are all too common for today's parents. Children have greater access to social media than ever before and while they intuitively know how to use the technology, their brains are not yet developed enough to make sensible decisions all the time. In her latest book Sexts, Texts and Selfies, Australia's expert cyber cop Susan McLean, gives the best advice on how to keep children safe online: setting boundaries for internet/device usage, who to friend and unfriend, how to deal with nasty Facebook comments, how to address social media issues with your child. She also has the answer for when things go wrong: a sext gone viral, relentless bullying, 'friends' pretending to be someone else.


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