Engadine High School


The Student Representative Council (SRC) consists of students elected by their peers and teachers. Six students are elected to represent each year group with two representatives from the Support Unit. The SRC meets daily for roll call and regularly for meetings that follow formal meeting procedures.

SRC 2017


Year 7 - to be elected in term 2

Year 8 - Piper Ferguson, Chelsea Holmes, Bree Williams , James Hards, Bradley Janbroers, William Nesevski and Reagan Shields

Year 9 - Grace Christie, Tarleigh Grieff, Caitlin Vella, Jake Cooper, Joel Parker and Callum Vella

Year 10 - Nellie Breese, Cassie Hilton, Leanna Snudden, Mia Werrett, Tanisha Witt, Nicholas Bell and Connor Kalikazaros

Year 11 -Lucy Annan, Mahika Dave, Tillie Osgood, Paege O’Shea, Hannah Vitelli, Toby Bartley, Joshua Gersback, Mitchell Kemlo, Daniel Pascoe and Owen Sloggett


SRC 2016

Chairperson – Jayden Fraser, Secretary and Treasurer – Emily Lumsden

Year 7 - Piper Ferguson, James Hards, Bradley Janbroers, Madison Rea, Reagan Shields, Bree Williams  

Year 8 - Grace Christie, Rylee Martin, Ruby Reardon, Caitlyn Vella, Tom Horton, Hamish Jacka, Jacob Kirton and Callum Vella

Year 9 - Nellie Breese, Aneisha Hunt, Leanna Snudden, Mia Werrett, Tanisha Witt, Nicholas Bell and Daniel MacDonald

 Year 10 - Lucy Annan, Elizabeth James, Emily Larsen, Skye Mortimer, Lukas Foyle, Mitchell Kemlo, Owen Sloggett, Jackson Smith and Ryan Tolley

 Year 11 - Rhiahn Johnson, Emily Lumsden, Lenka Meakins, Jessica O’Meara, Amy Solylo, Kane Faust, Jayden Fraser, Keelan  Jenkins, Jacob Misfud, George Panteli  and Alec Richardson

Coordinators – Ms Tracey Miller, Mrs Elizabeth Annan and Mrs Sarina Wilson

SRC 2015

Year 7 - Grace Christie, Mackenzi Exton, Caitlyn Vella, Hamish Jacka, Jacob Kirton and Callum Vella 


Year 8 - Nellie Breese, Aneisha Hunt, Mia Werrett, Oscar McCubben, Tom Werrett and Taylor Wood 

Year 9 - Lucy Annan, Jacob Bornholdt, Keira McKay, Skye Mortimer, Tessa Standen, Mitchell Kemlo, Owen Sloggett and Jackson Smith
Year 10 - Emily Lumsden, Lenka Meakins, Jessica O'Meara, Hayley Wilson, Jayden Fraser, Keelan Jenkins, Eric Raymond and Zachery Zammit
Year 11 - Lili Donald, Samantha Hill, Olivia Langfield, Annabelle McTaggart, Gabi Mee, Donald Bartley, Max Hanna, Hayden Sloggett, Joshua Warren and Evan Williams


SRC 2014

Election Process

Our SRC members are elected democratically by their teachers and peers. In Term 4 of each year, students are invited to nominate for membership in the following year’s SRC. In order to nominate, students must demonstrate that they have attained A1 status. They must also obtain references from at least one student and teacher.

After nominations are submitted, each year group votes for their SRC representatives. The votes of teachers and students are counted, and those students who have earned the most votes are elected to the SRC.

The nomination form can be downloaded here.


At the end of the year the SRC are invited to celebrate their fabulous achievements. In 2013 students participated in a high trapeze and circus skills class at the Sydney Trapeze School followed by lunch at Doy Tao in Newtown.

SRC Forms & Downloads