Student Leadership (SRC)

Engadine High School

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) consists of students elected by their peers and teachers. Eight students are elected to represent each year group, with two representatives from the Support Unit. Year 11 SRC members are allocated to a year group in the capacity as mentors. The SRC meets daily for Roll Call in the Library and for meetings that follow formal meeting procedures.

The SRC works as an advocate for the needs of the school community, and as a point of contact between the student body and the school. It addresses relevant issues and sets achievable goals which support the school. The SRC aims to develop leadership skills, ensure student views are heard in decision-making processes, empower students to contribute to a positive school culture and strengthen the school community through active participation. The SRC has a strong social justice focus, and most of the projects they undertake share an underlying theme of helping others and promoting equality in the school and the wider community.

Secretary for a Day

Maximus O'Shea of Year 11 participated in the DoE Secretary For A Day program. Here is his report of the experience.

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Our school is turning gold coins into hay for our drought affected farmers

Our 'Buy a Bale' bucket collection is on Monday 20th August.

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World Vision Backpack Challenge is here!

It’s almost time! From this Friday the 17th to Sunday, 19th August, World Vision challenges Australia’s youth to live out of a backpack in order to raise funds for the global refugee crisis.

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Careers Expo and Australian Defence Force Cronulla Sharks Experience Day

A number of our students attended the annual Careers and Education Expo at the Sharks League Club. The Expo is supported by Capital Bluestone and the Sharks NRL Club.

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  • Mrs Elizabeth Annan
  • Mrs Rachel Greenwood
  • Ms Tracey Miller
  • Ms Monique Weir

Upcoming Events

  • World Vision 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge
  • Footy Colours Day