School to Work

Engadine High School

School to Work Program

Our School to Work Program helps students to manage their transition from school to further education, training and employment. This program consists of:

·       The ‘School to Work Planning ‘Initiative

·       Work Education

·       Workplace Learning Support

·       Industry-specific career information

·       Professional development support for staff and careers advisers

·       Workplace Learning – Work Experience and Work Placement.

Workplace learning programs are part of the NSW secondary school curriculum. The programs encourage students to spend a planned period of time, usually a week, in a workplace of their choice as a valuable enhancement to their learning in the classroom.

Opportunities to participate in work experience usually occur during Year 10, however, we do support students in Year 9 as a means of supporting them to engage with learning. If you would like your child to participate in this opportunity, please contact the Careers Adviser.


More information about workplace learning can also be found at the following web sites:

·       Career Choices

·       Private providers

·       TAFE

·       Universities