Engadine High School

Whats Happening at the Canteen?

Soup, at the moment! That’s our latest favourite menu item: homemade, fresh ingredients, hot and served with a yummy piece of garlic cheesy bread.

Hi, we are Lee and Leanne. We have worked at the canteen now for many years and have seen students start in Year 7 and graduate six years later as young adults in Year 12. It is always sad to say goodbye.

We pride ourselves on serving innovative menu ideas and a fresh approach to healthy but tasty food. We like to think that our customer base of both students and teachers should be able to make choices from a range of healthy menu items.

At Engadine High School, we are very lucky to have a sandwich bar. We stock it every day with fresh vegetables, a variety of meats, fresh fruit salad and a gourmet salad. In winter, we change our menu to soups and warmer meals.

On a daily basis, we offer pre-made sandwiches, rolls, wraps and Turkish breads; we also make to order any special requests by staff and students.

We also offer an extensive hot food menu, of which we offer 3 hot choices every day.

We also work with students, and at times their parents, in according to special dietary needs and cultural requirements. Over the years we have catered for students with coeliac disease, lactose intolerance and peanut allergy.

We enjoy working with the school and students, from providing a plate of cakes for a fundraising bake sale, to getting out of the kitchen and joining in the fun and games out on the quad.

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