Technology Facilities

Engadine High School

Technology Facilities

We provide computer technology so that our students have the necessary skills for lifelong learning.


Our extensive list of facilities includes:

  • Six Technology learning spaces

  • Digital Learning Centre in the Library

  • Science Technology Centre equipped with robotic facilities.

  • Live Video Conferencing equipment for virtual excursions and conferences.

  • Music Composition labs and Recording Studios (break out rooms)

  • Cutting-edge Engineering Lab with industry standard software.

  • State-of-the-art Digital Media and Photography Lab

  • Outdoor WiFi capacity in the Nanga Mai Ngura area

  • Data projectors and/or interactive whiteboards in all classrooms.

  • Laptops and ‘e-readers’ for student borrowing in the Library


Access to wireless technology

We provide a secure school-wide wireless network through which students can access the internet and the school’s network. Our students are able to use their NSW Department of Education email address and log-on for secure browsing via network or wireless computers.

All computers are networked and every classroom, including the outdoor learning space is connected to wireless technology allowing students and staff to use devices across the school.

Digital Communication to Parents

Engadine High School uses hard copy letters, email, SMS, social media platforms and an app to communicate with parents and the community. In addition, parents are able to log on to SENTRAL (our inline database) to obtain information about their child’s report and attendance. Mr John Marsh is our Coordinator of Digital Technologies if you would like more information about digital technologies.

Technology Team - 'Tech Wizards'

A team of highly talented students, with skills in technology, meet each morning before school and during Roll Call and are available to support staff and students to navigate their way around digital technology issues. We recognise that students are often the font of all knowledge when dealing with technology!