Engadine High School


Have you ever dreamt of creating your own robot to clean your bedroom or do your homework? Robotics and automated systems are implemented as a component of the Information, Software and Technology course in Years 9/10 and the HSC Information Processes and Technology course.

In Years 9/10, students are faced with a number of challenges that they must overcome as a team through the design, development and programming of a robot using the latest Lego Mindstorm EV3 micro-controller and Lego Mindstorm sensors and actuators.

In the HSC course students must collaborate as a team to research, design, develop and program an automated system using Lego Mindstorm components to replicate automated manufacturing and control systems that are commonly used in many modern industries.

Through the robotics program, students develop their problem solving skills in a collaborative and challenging environment. Each challenge presents opportunities for students to further their technical understanding of computer systems.