Australia for UNHCR 2 Billion Kilometres to Safety Campaign

Engadine High School’s participation in the 2 Billion Kilometre to Safety Challenge has been a huge success! The Year 12 Committee is extremely grateful and astounded by the fundraising, commitment and many steps that students contributed. EHS collectively raised an amazing $6110 and is ranked first in Australia for fundraising. EHS also ranked first in distance walked, walking over 18,263km. The Year 12 Committee is so proud to have accomplished so much over the last few months! We set a goal of raising $4000 and we have certainly blitzed that. Our fundraising leaderboard is as follows:

Year 7 – $1655

Year 8 – $775

Year 9 – $820

Year 10 – $745

Year 11 – $2020

EHS Total – $6110

The Year 12 Committee would like to thank all student participants, their families and their sponsors for their commitment and effort. We would also like to thank Ms Miller for her wonderful organisation and dedication to the challenge. We would like to thank the following members of the Year 12 Committee:

  • Alexa Reid and Chelsea Holmes for being the Challenge Coordinators
  • Tech Team: Jeremy, Matt and Zach
  • Promotion Team: Steph, Maita and Zoe S
  • Launch Team: Lara, Casey, Zoe C, Bella, Nell, Traccin and Maya
  • Education Team: Chelsea, Steph, Zoe S, Maita and Tabitha

Thank you to everyone who donated. Through this challenge EHS has made a difference in the lives of many refugees via UNHCR refugee programs. The funds raised will provide back-to-school kits with materials like textbooks, uniform and shoes, ensure refugee children have access to a safe school environment, provide secure shelter, and supply food, clean water, medicine and protection to refugee children to help bring them back to health. 

All students and staff who participated by recording steps or fundraising will received a certificate. 

Thank you to our wonderful EHS community, together we truly make a difference!

Lara Proctor for the Year 12 2 Billion Kilometre to Safety Committee


11th Dec 2020