2 Billion Kilometres to Safety Campaign

This November students from Engadine High will be taking part in a month-long challenge to walk in the footsteps of a refugee’s journey. Our students will aim to walk 243km over one month, whilst raising vital funds to support refugee children and families forced to flee.

Students have recently learned about nine-year-old Eva, who had to travel, alone and barefoot, to escape terrifying violence in South Sudan and how UNHCR helps refugees children like her.

Every year thousands of children arrive to refugee camps alone and UNHCR gives them protection, shelter, food, water and access to medical care.

Our students will raise vital funds online for Australia for UNHCR to help support refugees around the world.

Our students will have the opportunity to join their teachers and peers at lunch time to help reach their stepping goal of 10,000 steps a day.

Our students’ involvement in this fundraiser gives them a chance to learn about the world, and to practice compassion for others. Taking this month long challenge will make a real difference in the life of a refugee children like Eva.

Students are encouraged to sign up at home with their parents and personalise their fundraising page.

Please ensure you join your year group in the links below.

Any questions see Ms Miller or the Year 11 Committee members in Room 3 at recess and lunch.

Make every step count!

Engadine High School team page: here 

Year 7: here 

Year 8: here 

Year 9: here

Year 10: here

Year 11: here

The students can select their year team and join. The results will be visible for each year’s results as well as the school’s as a whole.​


26th Oct 2020