Achievement Recognition

Achievement Assemblies

The following award structure is designed to encourage students to set goals, take initiative and commit to taking responsibility for their own learning. They are all capable of achieving at least one of award, especially a ‘Year Adviser’ award, as long as they recognise that their achievement depends on maximizing their effort.

The following awards will be issued at the assembly:

  • Gold Award
  • Silver Award
  • Bronze Award
  • Year Adviser Academic award for outstanding reports – positive comments regardless of the results.
  • First, second and third place in class academic award
  • Consistent effort award – one student per class.
  • Most improved – one student per class at yearly report time only.
  • Merit Certificates

Achievement Assemblies are held twice per year and provide a formal occasion for students to receive reports and awards that acknowledge and celebrate their achievement and effort. Parents are welcome to attend.