Project Based Learning

Engadine High School

Project Based Learning


This project-based learning program draws directly on the school’s strategic direction to createa dynamic school promoting high expectations, positive values, global awareness and collaborative partnerships.

Students will be immersed in problematic knowledge that draws clear connections to their real world experiences. Throughout Years 7-9, students will identify, select and design solutions for problems that exist in their school and in the local and global community. They will design strategies for active citizenship that allow young people to contribute to their communities and think deeply about the nature of sustainable communities. These experiences will increase in complexity and global reach with each year.

Furthermore, the project-based learning program will allow students to confidently engage in social justice programs that enable them to connect with their global world. All projects will focus on sustainability and/or social justice in the community, and require students to scrutinise and analyse a problem that exists within the global or local community.

Year 7What Makes A Hero? This will involve within class project-based learning across faculties addressing the topic; a capstone project (groups) presenting a chosen hero as an exemplar; creation of a whole-year website presenting chosen heroes.

Year 8: Gender Inequality. This will involve students identifying and researching a global gender inequality issue; designing a product or service to improve an aspect of gender equality; and creating an ad (film) to advertise product or service

Year 9: The Social Enterprise This will involve students selecting and researching a global social justice/sustainability problem; delivering mini workshops; designing a startup to address of the chosen problem; and creating one product to support startup.