Premiers Reading Challenge

Engadine High School


Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC)

All Year 7-9 students are encouraged to participate in the Premiers Reading Challenge (PRC). The library works very closely with the English teachers in promoting reading through the Wide Reading Program.

All PRC books are clearly labelled with the blue 7-9 Reading Challenge Sticker. Students are responsible for recording all books read on the PRC website, this is accessible through the DEC student portal or use the link below.

Premier's Reading Challenge   


Engadine High School proudly acknowledges all 63 students that completed the 2016 Premier's Reading Challenge.

Each year PRC Medals are awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to reading by completing the Challenge every year from Year 3 to Year 9.  In 2016, 433 students from across NSW received medals.

Prestigious PRC Medal for 2016 - Deanne, Blamire, Talia Ferchow, Amy Lankshear, Erin Lankshear, Courtney Smith, Jackson Heffernan and Like Higginbottom.

Congratulations to our Platinum Certificate Recipients

These students have completed 7 years of the PRC.

Grace Christie , Emma Harrison, Callum Herron and Emily Sivakumar

Congratulations to our Gold Certificate Recipients

These students have completed 4 years of the PRC.

Kyle Bryant, Zoe Clifford, Emma McNally, Zachary Richards, Aimee Shacher and Tanisha Witt.