Great Websites

Engadine High School


Easy access to over 15,000 evaluated websites

EHS Library subscribes to LinksPlus – Weblinks Online Australia. This is a comprehensive monthly directory of Internet sites commonly requested by learners when researching in the library. The whole database has in excess of 15,000 records. Between 80 and 100 up-to-date and relevant World Wide Web sites are selected and added each month to meet the research needs of learners. Websites are carefully chosen for their educational content and usefulness by a teacher librarian and experienced educators.

Links Plus can be accessed through the Federated Search Option in Oliver.

1. Log into the DoE student portal and select Oliver Library. ( There is a link to the DoE Website on the Homepage)

2. Type keyword(s) into the search bar and select Federated Search.

3. Select Databases – LinksPlus – this provides seamless access to a range of evaluated websites.

Some recommended websites


Inside Break - NSW Libraries Supporting HSC Students

HSC Research Resources

Time's 50 Best Websites

Discovery Links

University of Sydney - Discovery Collection

Australian Literature Database

Inside Break - Discovery Texts

Social Justice Topics


Oxfam - Food 4 Thought

World Vision

Amnesty International Australia

Global Education

Multicultural Australia


ABC Splash

Trove - National Library of Australia


Asian Education

Indigenous Peoples - Government Policy and Programs

Roads to Refuge - Refugees


Careers FAQs


Way Ahead

Headspace - National Youth Mental Health Foundation


Tiny - URL

Free Rice - Games that give