Digital Library

Engadine High School

Digital Library

Access to digital technologies outside of scheduled class times is critical for our 21st Century Learner. Access to digital resources via Moodle is available 24/7 from beyond the physical boundaries of the school.

Digital resources include:

Britannica School

Britannica School offers interactive, visually engaging resources that support collaborative learning styles. The resource covers the core subject areas of English, Maths, Science and History and includes interactive lessons, activities, games, stories, worksheets, manipulatives, study guides and research tools.

Issues in Society

Issues in Society is a comprehensive series of print and digital books which are essential reading for anyone needing up to date, balanced information on contemporary Australian social issues. Digital editions are interactive PDF files providing thoroughly researched overview of the latest news, facts, opinions and statistics compiled from a wide range of sources.

New Internationalist

New Internationalist is the world's leading independent publisher of magazines and books on global social justice and sustainable development.

Newscan Indexing Service

Newscan Indexing Service provides a reliable newspaper index listing for students to access. They can search articles from Australia’s leading newspapers on all current issues. Hot topics provide a guide through the internet maze to reliable information.

Family Matters

The latest Institute research and contributions from Australia's most respected social scientists, social policy analysts, service provider and research agencies.

Online Referencing Generator

A user friendly tool that assists students to compile an accurate bibliography using the Harvard Author-Date System.