Dance and Music

Engadine High School

Dance @ EHS

Dance involves the development of physical skill as well as aesthetic and artistic understanding. Our aim is to encourage students to develop knowledge and understanding, skills and attitudes in Performing, Composing and Appreciation - to study Dance as an ‘Art form’.

Years 9-12:

  • Contemporary dance technique

  • Composition and choreographic skills

  • Performance Quality skills

  • Musical Theatre

  • Dance Film

  • Appreciation

Useful Links

Stage 5 Dance Syllabus


Stage 6 Dance Syllabus


Music @ EHS

Stage 4 – Mandatory

Students are offered opportunities to experience playing a wide range of instruments, learning about music through the ages.  They compose their own music in a variety of styles using traditional methods and emerging technologies. 

Stage 5 – Elective

This popular elective builds on our stage 4 program immersing our students in a world of creativity.  Listening, analysing and learning about music, developing performance skills and producing innovative and diverse compositions utilising our state of the art composition lab.

·         Link to 7 - 10 syllabus

Stage 6 – Elective

Music 1 is a course for musicians who enjoy contemporary performance and also offers elective choices in composition and musicology. 

Music 2 is designed to provide an artistic program that not only provides opportunities to enhance performance and composition skills but also develop a deeper understanding of music through analysis and research.

Music Extension is In addition to Music 2 and students are able to advance their learning through the HSC extension program in Performance, Composition or Musicology.

·         Music 1 Syllabus

Music 2 and Extension Syllabus