Dance and Music

Engadine High School

Dance @ EHS

Dance is a popular elective and extra-curricular option for Engadine High students. Our aim is to encourage students to develop knowledge and understanding, skills and attitudes in Performing, Composing and Appreciation - to study Dance as an ‘Art form’. It is taught by two very expereinced dance teachers, both of whom have marked Dance at the HSC. Ms Barrow is currently the Artistic Director for the Sutherland and State Dance Festivals. 

Dance involves the development of physical skill as well as aesthetic and artistic understanding. The dance curriculum aims to develop physical, cognitive, creative and performance skills, and knowledge in all students regardless of previous experience or level of skill. Students learn to develop ideas and to express them creatively as they make and perform dances and analyse and interpret dance as works of art. They think imaginatively and share ideas, feelings, values and attitudes while physically and intellectually exploring the communication of ideas, themes and feelings through movement.

Engadine High School has been represented strongly on a state level in Schools Spectacular, Sydney Region Dance Festival, and State Dance Ensembles and Nationally in Rock Eisteddfod and Wakakiri. Students also receive the opportunity to participate in professional workshops and masterclasses.

Dance is also an integral part of our International Tour Program and recently undertook a Performing Arts Tour to USA performing and participating in Youth Education programs for Dance in Los Angeles and New York.

Our Dance facilities include:

  • an air conditioned Dance room complete with sound and correct flooring;

  • a hall complete with contemporary lighting, sound and performance facilities.

Music @ EHS

The Music department at Engadine High School aims to provide the opportunity for students to develop their musical abilities and potential in the areas of performance, composition, listening and musicology. Music plays an important role in the lives of young adults and is a medium of personal expression. Students are equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for active engagement and enjoyment in the ‘musical arena’, and to allow a range of music to have a continuing role in their lives.

Students study Music in Years 7 and 8. They may choose elective Music in Years 9 and 10. Music 1 and 2 are very popular choices for HSC study, where we have achieved outstanding results.

Our music facilities include:

  • two fully refurbished performance spaces;
  • four private practise studios;
  • a recording studio; and
  • digital composition lab.

Emphasis is placed on the development of performance skills on the students chosen instrument e.g. guitar, drums, and vocal. Students will develop their compositional skills by studying compositions from within existing music styles and continued experimentation of the music concepts with or without the aid of music technology. The music performed and analysed covers a wide variety of styles in elective topics with particular emphasis on Australian Music, a compulsory topic. Students will gain experience in the use of a variety of technology including computer software in our new music composition lab.