Terrific theatre!

Engadine High School

We love our drama programs - our terrific thespians add so much spirit and talent to our school!

Drama features strongly as part of Engadine High School's fantastic performing arts programs.  Students have the opportunity to study drama as a subject and participate in drama as an extracurricular activity.  Drama can be studied as an elective from Year 9 through to the HSC.  Students can join lunchtime drama ensembles, compete in Theatresports competitions, and play a part in school plays and musicals.  We feature a dedicated Drama Studio with a modern lighting rig and performance space.  Our Theatresports team has represented the school and local and regional competitions, and drama performances are a regular part of school assemblies and ceremonies.  Students also complete drama units in their study of English in Years 7 and 8, and study drama as a text each year from Year 7 to 12.

Drama forms part of the English faculty at EHS, and is a well-loved and cherished part of Engadine's curriculum and community.