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Engadine High School

SSC Earth Hour Bake Sale Fundraiser

07 Apr 2017


The SSC’s ‘Bake Sale’ raised $460, with the money going towards the purchase of a third ‘Chilled Water Bottle Refill Station” for C BLOCK.

Resilience and social-emotional competence

07 Apr 2017

Resilence is one of the most important aspects of child well-being. The capacity to cope, learn and thrive in the face of chang, challenge or adversity is a vital skill. Read more in this article.

EHS Merit Awards Term 1 2017

07 Apr 2017

There are many positive achievements that occur at Engadine High School. The following students have been recognised for their achievements and have earned the following awards.

Busting some of the HSC literacy and numeracy myths

07 Apr 2017


An article in the Sydney Morning Herald on April 2 2017 discusses some of the myths surrounding the HSC and NAPLAN results.

School Vaccination Program

07 Apr 2017

For the school vaccination program for Years 7, 11 and 12 please see the following information sheet.