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Engadine High School

Red Cross Calling 2017

30 Jun 2017

Red Cross have congratulated Engadine High School for taking part in Red Cross Calling 2017.

EHS Merit Awards Term 2 2017

30 Jun 2017


There are many positive achievements that occur at Engadine High School. The following students have been recognised for their achievements and have earned the following awards.


From the Principal

16 Jun 2017


As principal of EHS, there is not a day goes by without our students demonstrating excellence in the classroom, strong engagement with their learning and their world beyond through superb representation in sport, the creative arts , STEM and social justice action.

Year 11 Photography visit World Press Exhibition

16 Jun 2017

Year 11 Photography and Digital Media and Visual design students attended the 2017 World Press Exhibition at the State Library on Friday 9th June.

Elevate – University of Wollongong’s Youth Leaders Forum

16 Jun 2017

On Wednesday 7th June four students were elected to go to a prestigious leadership development event held by the University of Wollongong.