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Engadine High School


04 Sep 2014

Theatresports competition victors!

Yr 7 Making a Difference

21 Aug 2014

One of the many privileges of being a high school principal is to work with young people, especially when they are on a mission to change the lives of others.

Fantastic writers!

14 Aug 2014

Congratulations to the talented local Year 6 students who participated in the EHS Targeted Writers Program!

Education Week

31 Jul 2014

Engadine Plaza was alive with the sounds of music when talented performers from local public schools and our three bands performed to commemorate Education Week.

Surfing Scientist Inspires Engadine

30 Jul 2014

Ruben Meerman, ABC-TV presenter, visited Engadine High School to inspire future science buffs. 

Open Night News

08 Jul 2014

Our annual Open Night on Tuesday was a fitting tribute to the many outstanding programs and teaching practices that are on display on a daily basis at Engadine High. We thank the staff, students and members of the P&C who so enthusiastically gave their time to showcase our school to the local community and beyond.  Over 700 chairs were prepared in the Hall for what we knew would be a packed audience and they were all filled.

Welcome to 2014

08 Jul 2014

Welcome to our returning students and a special welcome to our new Year 7 students and all families as we begin another productive year of learning.  We want all students to relish and revel in the numerous opportunities in leadership, performing arts, sport, as well as environment and social justice programs. It is important that students embrace as many of these opportunities as possible to harness their interest, enthusiasm and potential career pathways.

We look forward to sharing our wonderful school with our community at Open Night on Tuesday 4th March from 6pm-9pm.

Winner of the "Community School Cohesion” Award

08 Jul 2014

Engadine High School has been notified that it has been awarded a “Community School Cohesion” Award – highly commended. In recognition of the many and varied programs designed to promote, harmony, unity and social justice, we applied for this award in September.  We are incredibly proud to be recognised in this important area of learning. Please read on to fine out more about our programs.

Formal School Response

08 Jul 2014

Dear Parents and Carers

It may have come to your attention that there has been a significant amount of adverse social media regarding a Year 10 end of year function that was held last week.  The claims that have been made have caused significant distress to students and staff.

Year 10 Formal Correction

08 Jul 2014

Engadine High School would like to correct the inaccurate reporting of the recent Year 10 formal. This event was NOT organised by the school but was a private function organised by a group of parents. The school understands that notes were distributed to students in Year 10 including students in the Support Unit on a number of occasions during roll call. The school has been assured by other Year 10 parents of the Support Unit that they received the notes and invitation. The event also had its own Facebook page publicly available. As such this occasion was a matter for individual students and their families to decide if they wished to attend.

Engadine High School’s strong record of active inclusion for students with special needs in all aspects of school life as exemplified by participation in this year’s Schools Spectacular - extends to instilling in mainstream students the importance of this principle outside as well as inside school. 

Engadine High School will continue to actively pursue the schools values of inclusivity, participation and care for all the children the school serves and stand very proud on our record in this area.