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Engadine High School

White Ribbon Day

01 Dec 2017

Engadine High School once again celebrated White Ribbon on Monday, declaring proudly to our community that our students promise to reject and speak out against violence towards women.

Accolades, Awards and Achievements

17 Nov 2017

Our success stories have been incredible over the past few weeks, with students, teachers and strategic teams being acknowledged for their dedication to learning and the community.

HSC Geography Great Barrier Reef Excursion

16 Nov 2017

In one of the most successful Great Barrier Reef excursions to date, 30 of our HSC Geography students witnessed the beauty and fragility of the Australia’s greatest natural wonder. The five-day excursion was a great learning experience, bolstering their understanding of the first topic of the HSC course: Ecosystems at Risk.

Footy Colours raises awareness for Fight Cancer Foundation

22 Sep 2017

On Friday, 15th September the school came together to raise awareness and much needed funds for the Fight Cancer Foundation. Footy Colours Day directly sponsor Fight Cancer Foundation’s education support which works with major paediatric hospitals to keep kids with cancer engaged with their education.

Year 7 Textiles

15 Sep 2017

Year 7 have been working hard over the last term to  create and construct a pair of boxer shorts.

Vet Excellence

08 Sep 2017

Casey Coulthart Yr 12 was awarded a VET excellence award  for her outstanding achievements in Hospitality.


06 Sep 2017
It is with great sadness that I share with you the passing of one of our own.  Damon Shepherd was a student in Year 11 who has shown the greatest of determination in his young life.

Legacy Badge Day

05 Sep 2017

Twelve of our students volunteered their own time to sell official merchandise for Legacy throughout last week. 

Year 10 Food Technology

31 Aug 2017

Year 10 recently completed an assessment task where they were asked to create a single serve dessert inspired by a piece of literature.

The Stage Band wows the crowd at Engadine Public School Fete

30 Aug 2017

The sounds of 'Swing Machine' entertained our community with 30 minutes of jazz at the Engadine Public School Fete on 26th August.