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Engadine High School

Careers news through Jobjump

25 Aug 2017

We would like you to register on JobJump so you will receive News on the Careers you like sent to your home email address. It may only take one bit of news to unlock and inspire you towards your future career.

Apprenticeships with Essential Energy

25 Aug 2017

Essential Energy is currently seeking men and women for apprenticeships. 

ANSTO Apprenticeships and Careers

25 Aug 2017

ANSTO has 3 different types of apprenticeships advertised on their careers website - fabrication, mechanical and electrical. The expressions of interest close soon, but could be a great opportunity for one of our students to work locally?

Camps French Woods - Are you interested in being a counsellor?

25 Aug 2017

There will be meeting on the 14th September in the city for those interested in this opportunity.

From the Deputies

11 Aug 2017



Year 12 students are thriving this term, with an extensive amount of Major Projects being submitted and final assessment tasks completed, leading up to their Charity Day, Picnic Day and Celebration Assembly in the last week of term.