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Engadine High School

Galloway Girls get Gold

26 Aug 2016


Chloe Galloway from Year 10  (and her sister Emma) represented Sydney South in the Special Olympics State championships in ten pin bowling which was held last weekend at Campbelltown. Chloe won gold in her singles division and partnered with her sister Emma (an ex-student of Engadine High) also won gold in the doubles division. Emma also won gold in her singles division. A great effort.

Emerging Man - A Rite of Passage for boys and their fathers

26 Aug 2016

At adolescence boys go through many physical, psychological and social changes and this phase can be a challenging and confusing time. There are distinct differences between “boy psychology” and “man psychology”, but the shift from Boy to Man does not happen automatically. Emerging Man is a contemporary Rite of Passage providing boys with a safe and positive transition guided by a community of elders and mentors within a structured training, ceremony and celebration.


A Highly Successful World Vision 40 Hour Famine 2016

26 Aug 2016

Congratulations to the 50 participants in this year’s highly successful 40 Hour Famine. Our students, with the support of their families and friends, have raised an amazing $7,317.06 for World Vision projects across the developing world.

ACAP Psychology Clinic welcomes referrals

26 Aug 2016



The ACAP Psychology Clinic is especially for clients who require affordable psychometric assessment or who can no longer access services under the Medicare Better Access Scheme. The clinic currently has availability for individual therapy and adult psychometric assessments.

From the Deputy Principal

12 Aug 2016

It’s been a whirlwind of a start to Term 3, with plenty of curricular and extracurricular programs affording students with a range of learning opportunities. Our Project Based Learning program for Year 9 has ignited, with teacher mentors engaging in professional learning, and students developing their introspections into real world social issues. This year the project has an entrepreneurial focus where small teams of students form ‘start up’ embryonic businesses that are tasked with developing and marketing products and services that can sustainably address these social issues. We look forward to seeing the final realisation of products and services at the end of the program!