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Engadine High School

Koori Kids on the Park - Sharing Knowledge, Sharing Culture

17 Nov 2017

Our Koori Kids spent the day in Wattle Forest, Royal National Park with their buddies and made new friends from a number of local public schools.

Christmas Festival to be held on 8th December

17 Nov 2017

Once again we will be celebrating our Hope Christmas Festival on 8th December. All welcome. Come and share an evening of Christmas song and dance.

Students witness the beauty and fragility of the Great Barrier Reef

17 Nov 2017

In one of the most successful Great Barrier Reef excursions to date, 30 HSC Geography students (and three long-suffering teachers) from Engadine High School witnessed the beauty and fragility of the Australia’s greatest natural wonder. The five-day excursion was a great learning experience, bolstering their understanding of the first topic of the HSC course: Ecosystems at Risk.

Georgia Conway on the world stage for International Rhythmic Gymnastics

17 Nov 2017

Georgia from Year 7 was recently afforded an opportunity to compete at an International Rhythmic Gymnastics competition in Ghent, Belgium.  The ‘Happy Cup’ competition attracted athletes from over 23 countries including Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Israel, Denmark, England and Australia!

Anmesty International EHS Group - Become a Human Rights Defender

17 Nov 2017

In September 2016, Mahadine, a father of seven from Chad was arrested for stating his opinions online about the Chadian government.