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Engadine High School

From the Principal

01 Dec 2017

The end of the year heralds a time for reflection and gratitude in what are tumultous times. As a principal, I reflect on the personal growth in academic habits of many of our students as they assume responsibility for their own learning and, more importantly, their own life journey.

Muggle Quidditch League of EHS

01 Dec 2017

Once a week the Muggle Quidditch League of EHS plays Muggle Quidditch, a magical sport inspired by the novels of J. K. Rowling.

EHS celebrates White Ribbon Day

01 Dec 2017

Engadine High School once again celebrated White Ribbon on Monday, declaring proudly to our community that our students promise to reject and speak out against violence towards women.

Students Share the Dignity - #itsinthebag

01 Dec 2017

Year 10 SRC members chose to coordinate a collection of everyday essential items for disadvantaged women and teenage girls in child protection as their 2017 project. 

Year 10 Italian Lunch

01 Dec 2017

On Thursday 16th November, Year 10 Italian Elective class went on an excursion to Marrickville. First, we enjoyed Italian hospitality at Paesanella Pizzeria and Food Emporium.