Student Wellbeing

Engadine High School

A Safe Environment

Our missions is to ensure “educational excellence and opportunities in a safe, nurturing environment”

One area that continues to challenge students is the safe and respectful use of digital technologies. Social media has changed the way we think about using information, relating to each other and our ideas of community. Through welfare discussions at camps, year meetings, presentations by outside agencies and one-on-one conversations our Welfare Team help to build our students’ resilience and empower them to make positive choices. These valuable experiences assist our school community in working towards our students becoming digital citizens. We teach them the tools to use to keep themselves safe online.

The Welfare Team

Supporting students to learn in a safe, nurturing environment so that they can achieve the best possible outcomes for all their schooling needs is a target of the Welfare Team. The Welfare Team are a committed group who understand that there is a clear link between the learning needs of students and their wellbeing. They fully understand the interrelationship between school and home and how they may impact on each other.

The team consists of the Head Teacher Welfare, Year Advisors, Assistant Year Advisers, School Counsellors, Careers Advisor, Youth Mentor, Learning Support staff and two Deputy Principals. The team works closely in partnership with parents, caregivers and outside school services in order to foster student resilience. In daily interactions with students and through individual and whole-school programs, students are taught to be compassionate, self-aware, and to be accountable for their choices. The school works in close association with outside agencies such as Engadine District Youth Services, The National Youth Mental Health Foundation, ‘Head Space’, psychologists, and other medical professionals. Our primary concern is that all students’ needs are addressed and that school is a fun, happy and healthy environment for our entire student body.

Welfare Initiatives

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