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Plant a Tree Day


Zoo Snooze

November 25th and 26th the SSC participated in an annual zoo snooze.

At the zoo we were greeted by the friendly Taronga staff and were taken to their education centre, where we got to interact with some animals.

After a lovely dinner, we were taken on a night walk to enjoy the night life of the zoo. The walk was followed by a fireworks display which was a highlight of the night. A morning walk before zoo hours featured a behind the scenes experience which all the students found interesting. Overall zoo snooze was a amazing time.


Rethink Runoff Competition

On Monday 3rd November, the following Year 10 students: Isabella Coombes, Jazmin Bornholdt, Ashlee Dow and Chelsea Anevski attended the Georges River Environmental Education Centre, where they participated in a competition with four other high schools to come up with 2D and 3D plans to reduce the pollution of rubbish and runoff from storm water drains around the outskirts of the Georges River, Chipping Norton. After briefly surveying the area and following a design brief, the students then planned and created their 3D idea as well as putting together a power point presentation of their proposed ideas. Unfortunately the group did not take out the top spot; however all the projects presented were highly sophisticated models and clearly showed the imaginative and sophisticated ideas the next generation will be able to use to fix environmental problems and Re-think Run-off!


Year7 Sustainability Sport program

On Wednesday 29th October, Julie Gallan from the Royal National Park Environmental Education centre ran a IPad  “Photography in Nature” workshop. Students were given the opportunity to explore our own bush regeneration area and take shots of the flora and fauna we have in our own backyard.

First place Taylor Wood      Second Place Robyn van der Sanden      Third Place Josh Wallace