Staff Roles

Engadine High School

EHS Staff Roles

We have a large staff of about 77 teachers, and 19 assistants who support teachers in the Office, Science, TAS, Library and the Support Unit. We also have a full-time General Assistant. A large number of teachers lead teams within the school and some of these are listed below.

Principal & Deputy Principals
Principal Kerrie Jones    
Deputy Principals Renee Holz Nathan Redmayne  
Head Teachers
English & Drama Lisa Edwards    
Mathematics Gary Andon    
Science Geoff Alexander    
HSIE Lisa Waygood    
Technology & Applied Studies Kaye Denham    
PDHPE Lisa Selmes    
Performing Arts Heather Crawford    
Visual Arts/Language Val Sylvestre    
Administration Jeff Rigg    
Support Unit Colleen Hooker    


Teaching & Learning - Staff

Teaching and Learning - Students

Cathy Christie

Lloyd Bowen

Sarina Wilson

Digital Technologies Jonathan Marsh    
Sport Coordinator Colleen Johnson    
Dean of International Students Val Sylvestre    
Middle School Transition Val Sylvestre    
Year 6 Gifted and Talented Enrichment Craig McDonald    
Year Advisers & Assistants
Year 7 Bianca Magistro Laura Borg  
Year 8 Matthew Carroll Rhiannon Sweeney  
Year 9 Richelle Mander Gabe Robbie  
Year 10 Michael Cox Bec Duncan  
Year 11 Vanessa Barrow Ben Anderson  
Year 12 Blake Leonard Jackie Ward  
School Counsellors Lana Christofoletti Bernadette Rooney  
Careers Adviser Colin McCartney    
Teacher Librarian Tracey Miller    
Uniform Checks Kelly Scott    
Attendance checks Year Advisers    
Learning Support teachers Debbie Cairns Jenny Semenec  
P. & C. President Sharon Harrison    
Snr School Assistant Angela Naunton    
Front Office (8.30am-3.45pm) Valerie McKinnon Carla Dibden  
  Donna McDougall Robyn Newman  
  Jill Turner